LoopTree has a layered interface and you'll see what that means in a bit. The grey rectangles are the tracks. You'll notice one of the track rectangles is darker than the others and this is the master or parent track. Together the tracks and the parent track form a layer.

Selecting tracks

You can select tracks by tapping on them or dragging rapidly over several tracks. Once you've made a selection you can use the track controls.

Volume and pan

You can touch and hold on a track to change the volume and pan.

If you're on the top layer, the master track will allow you to change the volume and pan of the entire session.

If you're not on the top layer, the parent track will allow to change the group volume and pan of all the other tracks on that layer.

Navigating between layers

Double tap on a track (with a waveform) to dive into the layer.

Tap on the parent track (with a return icon) to go back to the previous layer.

Tracks controls

The four track controls beneath the tracks area are:

  • Record
  • Toggle
  • Clear
  • Load beat repeat
These only operate on the currently selected tracks.